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History of Hiyamashū

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General Information

The Hiyamashūnese Empire (Japanese: 大日岾洲; Daihiyamashū), commonly known as Hiyamashū (Japanese: 日岾洲; Hiyamashū) or Shūshima (Japanese: 衆洲; Shūshima) is an island region with a Constitutional monarchy.

The region emerged from the remains of The Great Archipelago (Japanese: 大漢島海; Dai-kantō-umi), which collapsed due to the negligence of the elected government and its inefficient methods of governance.

Hiyamashū is a neutral region with a history of mediation.


The kanji that the region’s name is composed of means “sun mountain province” and is very commonly called as “The People’ Country” due to its shortened name, Shūshima, meaning “populace country”.


Archipelagon Era

Origins of Hiyamashū traces back to the ancient state of The Great Archipelago. This is evident in the 1st Constitution of Hiyamashū being a rewrite of the last Constitution of The Great Archipelago.

The Great Archipelago (14 September 2018 - 29 December 2018) was a Presidential unitary parliamentary constitutional republic, headed by a President as the Head-of-State and a Prime Minister as the Head-of-Government.

Scanned copy of The Great Archipelago's first constitution

Flag of the Great Archipelago,
Only existing illustrated copy in the form of an emote.

The legislature of The Great Archipelago at its peak, had at least 3 members as evident from the 3 founding members of Hiyamashū. The legislature was coined "disfunctional" and "ineffective" by current Emperor of Hiyamashū, Emperor Tokiharu, as members of the legislature are known to ignore legislative votes and are slow to make a decision.

The Great Archipelago started a slow decline and eventually collapsed on the 29 December 2019 with the establishment of the Empire of Hiyamashū on 1st January 2019.

Early Shūkoku Period (Jan 2019 - Aug 2019)

Early Shūkoku Period was the period in which the Empire of Hiyamashū was established.

The Empire of Hiyamashū was founded by Tokiharu Shunage (Acaciatropole), Shigami Lunairu (Idainakami) and Kokoronatsu Sumeragi (Cococult) on 1st January 2020. This date is commonly referred to as the start of the Meihon Era (Japanese: 明本時代, meihon-jidai, lit. the origin of the light), a traditional date system Hiyamashū uses.

The Constitution and much of the government's instruments were "forked" from The Great Archipelago. It was decided that Hiyamashū be a Empire with an Emperor as the head-of-state and a Prime Minister as the head-of-government. Initally, the Emperor had limited functions, similar to that of a figurehead.

First Flag of Hiyamashu,
Each line represents a founding nation.

  • Blue, Acaciatropole
  • Red, Idainakami
  • Brown, Cococult

Late Shūkoku Period (Aug 2019 - Oct 2019)

An expansionist policy was put into effect during the Late Shūkoku Period just before the start of the Shūshima Period. This policy including outreaching to newly found nations in the world.

Hello %NATION%!
You’re invited to join The Empire of Hiyamashu.
Move to Hiyamashu, and you would definitely start enjoying NationStates x1000 more! (plus we are more technically advanced).

— An excerpt from the first mass-recruitment telegram template

Amurria was hanging out in Hiyamashu when I come along as I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. He then invited urangslan because of course and now I'm being promptly annoyed

Boda, a prominent figure in the conflict

Shūshima Period (Nov 2019 - Feb 2020)

Hiyamashū saw substantial growth during the Shūshima Period. With the establishment of NS Leader, a interregional initiative, Hiyamashū has been increasingly notable to the world.

During this period, Hiyamashū started official diplomatic relations with The Democratika.

Hiyamashū mediated a conflict between The Democratika and Auralia.

The region passed its first anniversary during this period.

Kizokusen Period (Mar 2020 - Jul 2020)

Kizokusen Period (Japanese: 貴族戦時代, kizokusen-jidai, lit. The War of the Nobility) is a period in Hiyamashūnese history of near constant conflict between the nobility and the throne.

It is unknown who had initiated the Kizokusen Period, and opinion on this period are diverse between citizens and the nobility.

Conspiracy and speech against the sovereign's person were in talks by the Hiyamashūnese nobility which mostly consist of founding members of The Great Archipelago and members of the Imperial Family, behind Emperor Tokiharu.

Tokiharu abdicated the throne on 3rd May 2020 due to pressure from the accusations brought forward against him. The next in line, Sumeragi Kokoronatsu, took over the throne on the same day.

Conflict continued, and during this period, a split between the Imperial house had became apparent with the separation of Emperor Tokiharu and Shigami Lunairu.

After the separation, came the split of government in which opinions were diverse. Kokoronatsu returned the throne back to Tokiharu and the 2nd Parliament was dissolved on 9th May 2020. Democracy was instilled for the first time in Hiyamashūnese history, allowing the first political party, Hiyamashūnese Democratic Front, led by Albrecht von Löwe, to run in the General elections for the 3rd Parliament.

3rd General Elections result

On 13nd July 2020 with the 4th General Elections results announced, in which the elected First Minister was Maxine of the Hiyamashū Together party, Tokiharu announced his abdicating from the Tanuki Throne due to health conditions, declaring that Hiyamashū turn into a Constitutional Republic since there was no successor to the throne. With Kokoronatsu, Tokiharu left the region.

With the abdication of the Emperor and dissolution of the monarchy, accusations about the goal of destroying Hiyamashū had been put forward by Shigami out of dissent towards Tokiharu. This, however, did not sway the opinions of citizens due to ampathy.

As such, diplomatic regions of Hiyamashū had started to doubt the region's capabilities of continuing forward. This was put down by The Democratika.

I really enjoyed my 2 years here in Hiyamashu. You all made my years here really great and stuff. (Sorry, I'm not so good with words haha.) Hope yall will continue Hiyamashu's legacy even after the others has left.

To the future leaders of Hiyamashu, I hope all the best and smooth sailling under your rule. All the best.

To the others who supported Hiyamashu, I hope you would continue your support.

Thanks for everything.

Sumeragi Kokoronatsu, longest serving politician in Hiyamashū, who left Hiyamashū.

Meihon Era (Current day)

On 28th August a proposal to enact a new constitution was brought up. The 4th Constitution of Hiyamashū was enacted on 12th September 2020 emphasising the due process of democracy and protection from officers who abuse their power in a government posts.

With the passing of the 4th Constitution, Hiyamashū's official name had been amended from "The Empire of Hiyamashū" to "The Hiyamashūnese Empire".


Hiyamashū is a constitutional monarchy with an Emperor as head-of-state and a First Minister as the head-of-government.

The main legislative body of Hiyamashū is the Parliament of Hiyamashū (Japanese: 日岾洲国会; Hiyamashū kokkai), which is seated in Nakato (Japanese: 中都; Nakato) in Acaciatropole.

The Crown Council is the oversight body of the region. It oversees all legislation passed by parliament and policies by the government. The Crown Council was formed with the enactment of the 4th Constitution.

All members of Parliament are elected via direct democracy.

Executive authority of the region is vested in the Emperor. All bills passed by Parliament are required to obtain imperial assent before becoming law.

Cover page, 4th Constitution of Hiyamashū

State Seal

The State Seal (Kokuji 国璽) is the national seal of Hiyamashū.

This seal is required to approve any documents relating to government.

The first State Seal was created on 1st September 2019. It used a variant of the Chinese seal script.

On 19th October 2019, the current State seal was commissioned. This iteration, did not make use of an existing script as the character face.

In all documents where the state seal has been imprinted on, it is customary for the Crown to append their signature above the seal. This is commonly seen on the information pages of legislation.

An excerpt of a scrapped draft of the 4th Constitution;
Signature of Emperor Tokiharu seen above seal

The State Seal, still current in use.

Old State Seal, decommissioned when the current seal was created.

The Hiyamashūnese Empire
大日岾洲 (Japanese)


Imperial Seal

Government Seal of Hiyamashū


– 大日岾洲 Daihiyamashū
– 衆国 Shūkoku


"Onwards, Hiyamashū"


Nakato (中都)

Regional Formation Day

1st Jan 2019

Official Languages

– English
– Japanese


Kakucosugamism (de facto)




Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy


Parliament of Hiyamashū

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