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History of Hiyamashū

General Information

The Empire of Hiyamashū (Japanese: 大日岾洲; Daihiyamashū), commonly known as Hiyamashū (Japanese: 日岾洲; Hiyamashū) or Shūshima (Japanese: 衆島; Shūkoku) is an island region with a Constitutional monarchy.

The region emerged from the remains of The Great Archipelago (Japanese: 大漢島海; Dai-kantō-umi), which collapsed due to the negligence of the elected government and its inefficient methods of governance.

Hiyamashū is a neutral region with the main goal of encouraging and spreading world peace throughout the world.


The kanji that the region’s name is composed of means “sun mountain province” and is very commonly called as “The People’ Country” due to its shortened name, Shūshima, meaning “populace country”.


Hiyamashū is a constitutional monarchy with an Emperor as head-of-state and a First Minister as the head-of-government.

The main legislative body of Hiyamashū is the Central Government Council (Japanese: 中政府議会; Chū-seifu gikai) or usually shortened as the Central Council, which is seated in Nakato (Japanese: 中都; Nakato) which is in international territory. The Central Council is a bicameral system consisting of the upper house, First Council, and the lower house, People’s Council.

First Council members are unelected and are chosen by the First Minister, usually consisting of Ministers of State. People’s Council is elected via a popular vote held every 2 months. The most popular candidate would become the First Minister.

The Emperor serves as a figurehead to the region and approves all bills before it becomes law. The Emperor may also veto bills.

State Seal

The State Seal (Kokuji 国璽) is the national seal of Hiyamashū.

This seal is required to approve any documents relating to government.

The Empire of Hiyamashū

大日岾洲 (Japanese)



Imperial Seal

Government Seal of Hiyamashū


– 日山州国 Hiyamashū Koku
– 衆国 Shūkoku


Nakato (中都)

Regional Formation Day

1st Jan 2019

National Language

– English
– Japanese


Kakucosugamism (de facto)




Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Emperor: Tokiharu
First Minister: Albrecht von Löwe


The People's Parliament

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